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Community Events

As members of a vibrant community, you yearn for the need to experience the fun and excitement that each gathering brings. Be it family fun or a national holiday, expect the usual vendors, food trucks and local shops to offer delights. Familiar faces walk by along with meeting new neighbors too.

Yet, there is that element of surprise that each community seeks to bring to their events. It’s not just the local band or a pie eating contest either. It stems further than the usual expectation. Look above and allow the magic of an aerial art show to delight your community at large. Be it at the civic center, football field or local park, bring your charity or cause into action.

The memories and experience you will bring will not only highlight the faces with amazement, but also your message of hope will bring your community closer.

You may easily catch the attention of local news media and place your town in a new glimpse into the future and fun that entices your local residents.

At Electric Sky Drone Shows, be it sports, private clubs or associations, charities or national holidays- count on us to entertain your community in ways they have never experienced before.

With an award winning fleet capable of unique designs, operating in a synchronized piloted fashion.

While operating safety as our top priority, consider the endless possibilities that drone light shows can bring.  Enhance local support for teams, encourage bravery and patriotism, celebrate community members and advertise local businesses in an original way.

The time is now to set the stage of your next community celebration or event. Make your place among your neighbors and become a beacon of hope in their hearts. Contact Electric Sky Drone Shows today. We look forward to joining your community.