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A drone show is an aerial display where multiple drones equipped with ultra bright LED lights are synchronized to create patterns, images, and animations in the sky. The display can include 3D designs, logos, text, and abstract shapes, offering a visually spectacular experience that captivates audiences.
I’d love to say it’s magic but it takes a team of creative animators, skilled ground crew and experienced pilots to make the magic happen. Drone shows are controlled by a centralized ground station which controls the fleet of drones. Each drone flies a pre-programmed path while flashing ultra bright leds to make a spectacular animation in the sky!
The number of drones needed for a drone light show depends on a couple factors, including the desired visual impact of the performance, complexity of the animations, and the size of the audience. Smaller, more intimate events may only need 50 drones, while a larger production may include over 1000 drones.
Most drone light show performances last between 8 to 15 minutes for a single performance. We can perform multiple shows in one night with about 30 mins set up time between performances.
Drone shows can be performed in many different locations such as stadiums, golf courses, waterfronts, parks, and parking lots. You would want to ensure you have adequate space and safety measures in place to secure authorization from local authorities.
Worldwide. We have experience performing drone light shows in the United States and Europe. Through our network of partners we have access to perform drone shows around the world. Process and regulatory approvals vary by region.
The required space depends on the number of drones being used. It’s important to maintain a safe distance between the performance area and the audience to ensure safety. It is important to have clear, unobstructed airspace for the safe launch and landing of the drones.
Similar to any production, the cost of a drone light show performance can vary based on the scale of the production. A stand alone drone show on average costs $150-200 per drone. A full scale production which includes pyro and laser synchronization would be more.
Adverse weather conditions such as high wind gusts, heavy rain, and snowstorms can impact drone operations as drones need to be flown within specific safety limits. We closely monitor weather conditions both on the ground and in the air and maintain open communication with our clients to manage potential weather related issues.
Electric Sky Drone Shows is fully licensed by the FAA to perform large scale drone light show productions. We carry comprehensive insurance coverage to ensure safety and liability protection for all our drone light shows.
In short, no. Stand-alone drone light shows are ideal for areas with burn bans, offering the best alternative to fireworks. Additionally, drone shows can complement firework performances, adding an innovative twist to traditional displays and enhancing the overall visual experience.
Our shows can typically fly up to 400 feet above ground level, in compliance with FAA regulations. Should a project require an increase in altitude to clear obstructions, we can seek special exemptions from the FAA. Please be aware that this exemption process can take up to 90 days and approval is not assured.
No. Our drone light shows are crafted specifically for outdoor venues, where we can fully utilize the open skies to create breathtaking displays. This allows us to ensure optimal performance, safety, and an unforgettable experience for your audience.
The lead time varies based on the complexity of the show and permitting requirements. Typically, we recommend starting the planning process at least 4-6 weeks in advance. More complex performances can take months to properly coordinate. This ensures ample time for designing the choreography, securing necessary permits, and conducting thorough pre-show preparations to guarantee a spectacular and seamless performance.
Yes, drone shows can be integrated with other forms of entertainment such as live music performances, firework displays and show productions. This allows for a truly immersive and innovative experience to captivate your audience.
Contact us to begin the preliminary site assessment process. Together, we will evaluate the launch site and review the necessary permits and approvals to safely perform a show.
Yes, we provide comprehensive video services, including ground, aerial, and behind-the-scenes footage. We also offer professional editing for social media to ensure your event is beautifully captured and shared online.

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