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Operated by a piloted and licensed trained professional, you can expect to observe between 50 to 150, unmanned drones in the sky. Illuminating with LED lights up to 400 feet in the sky, working in formation and designed to be choreographed while working in synchronicity. Drones are pre programmed with custom designed paths that together create a show that can be seen from miles away.

Price  of each show is set based on various factors, such as complexity of the show and show duration. Please contact us for a complimentary consultation to find out more about the cost of your show. 

Pending on the cost and complexity, essentially determines the amount of drones required for a show. The Electric Sky Team typically suggests a fleet of 50 for a performance that is cost-effective and a fleet of 100-150 for a wider range of imagery and design.

Due to safety and intended purposes, we do not perform indoor drone shows. This is due to the fact that the size and scale of the shows cannot be performed indoors.

Electric sky drone shows are customized to fit your timeline. A show can be as long as 8 to 12 minutes long. We have the capability to perform multiple shows in one night. 

Drone Light Shows are a different form of aerial entertainment that illuminates the night sky. Although both drones and fireworks can both uplift an audience, they have different capabilities and complement each other nicely. It is also noted that fireworks are not viable (e.g. wildfire risk areas) and drone shows are a great replacement. Drone light shows are not only safer, but more environmentally conscious as well as quieter in terms of noise control. We can perform a singular stand alone show or enhance any firework performance at the venue.

During our consultation, we create a storyboard with the client to determine what images to program and showcase. While implementing our state of the art proprietary software, we position each drone as a pixel. Their flight paths are accurate down to the centimeter to ensure accuracy. Our experienced designers can create any design imaginable, from 2D to 3D, and animations.

According to industry safety compliance standards, we must adhere to a 1:1 ratio. A foot of horizontal separation corresponds to one foot of altitude. It is advised to have the spectators at 400 feet away if the drones are being flown at the maximum level of 400 feet above ground level. 

In recognition of our safety practices, the area for the drones to land and perform are within the minimum spacing of about 1.6 (5 feet) meters apart. This is designated for the takeoff and landing area. To accommodate 100 drones, there needs to be at least 250 square meters or 2500 square feet. With regards to the audience, there also needs to be separation between the audience and the drone show.  Drones are not permitted to fly over people.

Electric Sky Drone Shows is fully insured and licensed by the FAA to perform Drone Light Shows.

Pending on weather conditions, such as rain, high winds or severe storms can result in show cancellation. As per FAA rules, the Pilot in Command assesses the conditions to determine drone show safety. It should also be noted that our drones are capable of handling wind speeds of 26 miles per hour.

The amount of lead time needed will depend on the complexity of the show. Generally we ask for 2- 4 weeks.

We service locations across the U.S.A. 

You are this much closer to bringing your night sky to life. Connect with the Electric Sky Team through our contact us page to tell us about your event or email us with your inquiry to:  info@eletricsky.io.